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Adam is a Worcestershire-based actor with links to both London and the West Country, UK, and West Virginia, USA.

His acting experience is derived through performances in theatre, online video and TV, with career experience as a Pontins Bluecoat, in the Armed Forces and IT.

He trained at City Academy in London and has recently appeared in the BBC thriller, TIME.




Katarzyna Adamus (2021)

Short Film
Role: Officer Jones


BBC (2021)

TV Series
Role: Prisoner 4


Cerbero (2021)

Short Film
Role: DC Simon Turner


Electric House (2020)

Online Video
Roles: Dave & John


Bubble D (2021)

Short Film
Role: Mr Moody



My parents were professional entertainers during the 1970’s, so I grew up surrounded by song and dance, and as a child I performed in several theatre productions. When I turned 18, I landed a job as a Bluecoat (in-house entertainer) for Pontins Holidays and entertained thousands of people across two UK resorts. At 20, my life changed direction and I left Pontins and the entertainment industry behind.

I have since worn many hats, across a variety of industries: from retail and hospitality, to education and IT. Although this has given me a lot of exposure to life and work, I have always wondered “what if I continued performing arts?”.

When I turned 40, I found that the voice in the back of my head was still asking me “what if?”, and I decided that the time had come for me to listen to that voice and throw myself back into the world of performing arts.

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